A very accomplished all round musician, Geoff has been playing John since 1999, performing in such places as China, Singapore, Japan, Dubai and the US.

Playing rhythm guitar, Geoff uses a Rickenbacker 325 through a Vox AC30.

His favourite song is : "Nowhere Man".


 Geoff Raggett - John.




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The founder member of the band, Rob's vocals

and mannerisms are as close to the real thing

as you could find. Born in London, Rob shares the exact same birthday as Sir Paul himself -

18 June, weird!  He plays a 1963 Hofner violin bass.

Favourite song : "Long And Winding Road".


 Rob Simpson - Paul.












James,  like George is the quiet one. A music teacher, his guitar skills are second to none. Playing George since 1996, he has performed in Japan, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Africa, and throughout Europe. Considered to be at the top of his profession, James plays a Gretsch Country Gentleman through a Vox AC30.

Favourite song : "Something".


 James Hender - George.










The bands driving force, without whom it would not be possible. Steve has studied Ringo for many a year and claims to be his long lost son!  A good singer, he loves to show the other boys how it's done on -

Yellow Submarine and With A Little Help From My Friends.

Favourite song : "Rain".


Steve Townsend - Ringo.