GIGS  2017:

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2ND       Corporate Party, Thames Riverboat, London.

4TH       Warner Leisure, Holme Lacey, Herefordshire.                                         SOLD OUT

11TH     Warner Leisure, Holme Lacey, Herefordshire.                      

18TH     Warner Leisure, Holme Lacey, Herefordshire.                                         SOLD OUT

25TH     Warner Leisure, Holme Lacey, Herefordshire.                          

26TH     Warner Leisure, Nidd Hall, Harrowgate, Yorks.                             

29TH     50TH Birthday Party, Sidcup, Kent.



6TH       G N Holidays, Uxbridge, Middlesex.                                                  Tel:  01895 833333

7TH       Warner Leisure, Cricket St. Thomas, Chard, Somerset.        

13TH     The Boom Boom, Sutton, Surrey.                     12/13                       Tel:  0208 761 9078

17TH     Warner Leisure, Bodelwyddan Castle, North Wales.                              SOLD OUT

20TH     Rotary Club of Woolwich, London.

24TH     Warner Leisure, Bodelwyddan Castle, North Wales.            

28TH     Warner Leisure, Lakeside, Hayling Island.                                           SOLD OUT

31ST     Warner Leisure, Bodelwyddan Castle, North Wales.             






3RD       Colchester United FC, Colchester, Essex.                                                  SOLD OUT

4TH       Jury's Inn Waterfront Hotel, Brighton, Sussex.                               Tel:  01273 725331

7TH       Warner Leisure, Bodelwyddan Castle, North Wales.            

11TH     Private Wedding, Balham, London.

21ST     Warner Leisure, Sinah Warren, Hayling Island.        k                            SOLD OUT

25TH     Boisdale of Canary Wharf, Canary Wharf, London.                               SOLD OUT   

28TH     Warner Leisure, Sinah Warren, Hayling Island.     w                     ww.  SOLD OUT



4TH       Astor Community Theatre, Deal, Kent.                    15                   Tel:  01304 370220

7TH       Warner Leisure, Sinah Warren, Hayling Island.     ww                           SOLD OUTr

14TH     Warner Leisure, Sinah Warren, Hayling Island.                            .      k SOLD OUT

15TH     Corporate Party, Thames Riverboat, London.

22ND      Private Party, London.

25TH     Oddfellows Group, Dartford, Kent.

31ST      The Boatyard Restaurant, Leigh On Sea, Essex.                                      SOLD OUT






9TH      Warner Leisure, Cricket St. Thomas, Chard, Somerset.        

16TH    Warner Leisure, Cricket St. Thomas, Chard, Somerset.        

23RD     Warner Leisure, Cricket St. Thomas, Chard, Somerset.        

27TH     Bob Hope Theatre, Eltham, London.                                                          SOLD OUT

30TH     Warner Leisure, Cricket St. Thomas, Chard, Somerset.       







2ND      The Boatyard Restaurant, Leigh On Sea, Essex.                              Tel:  01702  475588k

3RD      Warner Leisure, Sinah Warren, Hayling Island.                                        SOLD OUT

10TH    Warner Leisure, Gunton Hall, Lowestoft.                                                   SOLD OUT

17TH    Carterton Social Centre, Oxfordshire.

20TH    Warner Leisure, Thoresby Hall, Ollerton, Notts.                   

24TH    The Horn, St Albans,  Herts.                         8/10                                      SOLD OUT

27TH    Warner Leisure, Thoresby Hall, Ollerton, Notts.                                       SOLD OUT

30TH    The Boom Boom, Sutton, Surrey.                     12/13                       Tel:  0208 761 9078





8TH      Touchline Live, Hockley, Essex.                           15                       Tel:  07775 761406


15TH    Fundraiser, Hartley Wintney, Hants.

31ST    Warner Leisure, Littlecote House, Hungerford, Berks.           


4TH      Warner Leisure, Thoresby Hall, Ollerton, Notts.                     

11TH    Warner Leisure, Thoresby Hall, Ollerton, Notts.                   

14TH    Colchester United FC, Colchester, Essex.                                          Tel:   01206 752443

15TH     Private Wedding, Leamington Spa, Warks.

21ST     Private Wedding, Stratford Upon Avon, Warks.

22ND     Sundridge Park Golf Club, Bromley, Kent.




1ST      Warner Leisure, Littlecote House, Hungerford, Berks.                          .uSOLD OUTk

8TH      Warner Leisure, Littlecote House, Hungerford, Berks.                             SOLD OUTk

15TH    Warner Leisure, Littlecote House, Hungerford, Berks.               o      .     SOLD OUT   u

21ST    Corporate Party, Thames Riverboat, London.

22ND    Warner Leisure, Littlecote House, Hungerford, Berks.                             SOLD OUT

27TH    Joint Birthday Party, Crewkerne, Somerset.



1ST      The Boatyard Restaurant, Leigh On Sea, Essex.                              Tel:  01702  475588

23RD    The Old Brewery Store, Faversham, Kent.                                       Tel:  01795  542285

26TH    Warner Leisure, Nidd Hall, Harrowgate, Yorks.                                       SOLD OUT

30TH    Warner Leisure, Holme Lacey, Herefordshire.                                          SOLD OUT


3RD      Warner Leisure, Nidd Hall, Harrowgate, Yorks.                         .u       k  SOLD OUT

7TH      Maidenhead Ivy Leaf Club, Maidenhead, Berks.                            Tel:  01628 639613

10TH    Warner Leisure, Nidd Hall, Harrowgate, Yorks.                                       SOLD OUT  

14TH    Stag Community Arts Centre, Sevenoaks, Kent.            14           Tel:  01732 450175    

17TH    Warner Leisure, Nidd Hall, Harrowgate, Yorks.                                    wSOLD OUT k



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4TH      Shooters Hill Golf Club, London.                                                                SOLD OUT

18TH    Warner Leisure, Holme Lacey, Herefordshire.                                          SOLD OUT

24TH    The Boatyard Restaurant, Leigh On Sea, Essex.                             Tel:  01702  475588